Dennis E. Cowan Elementary School

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Lunch Times 2022-2023:

School Cafe:


Download our mobile app, SchoolCafé, to access all Food Service Needs.

The SchoolCafé mobile application can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.


By setting up one account, families can easily access the following:

* Manage student meal accounts / make pre-payments

* View daily menus, nutritional information and allergens

* Apply for free or reduced price meals


How much is school breakfast and lunch? 

Breakfast is $1.50 for students and $2.25 for adults

Lunch is $3.00 for students and $3.85 for adults


How can parents and guardians access their child’s meal account for the 2019-2020 school year?

To view balances or add money to a meal account, a SchoolCafé account must be created by visiting

You will need your child's student ID to create a SchoolCafé account.


Due to confidentiality reasons we can not give ID numbers outover the phone.You can locate student ID's via your parent cloud account. If you do not have a Parent Cloud account, or are having trouble location it, please send a request via email to


Resouces for setting up a SchoolCafé account:


SchoolCafé Step by Step Guide ENG

SchoolCafé Step by Step Guide SP


The above documents demonstrate how to do the following:

* Register and create a SchoolCafé account

* Add a Student to your SchoolCafé account

* Add Funds to your students account

* Set up automatic prepayments

* Set low balance alerts